Vacuum Pump Failure Detection
When vacuum pumps fail during process, the entire lot is scrap or in need of rework. This disruptive and costly situation is entirely preventable by virtue of our realtime vibration based monitors.

The vibration signature of a healthy vacuum pump is as unique as a fingerprint. When that vibration signature changes or drifts, you are experiencing an excursion. Many such excursions are known to be normal and business as usual. However, some vibration excursions are definite signs of degradation and end of life.

InControl has studied vacuum pump vibration signatures for years. We manufacture an industry proven early warning solution to detect vacuum pump failures prior to scrap events. Our inexpensive turnkey sensors constantly monitor pump vibration, and warn only of known unhealthy abnormalities.

Our algorithms provide simple yellow and red alert alarm status. We also provide raw data for user who desire in house number crunching and data review.

Use our optional SCADA System to monitor every pump in your factory. Our SCADA System is compatible with all OEM Pumps and we even have a method to monitor those old and obsolete vacuum pumps.

No more costly run to fail scrap events. No more pulling perfectly good vacuum pumps because of timed PMs. Instead, consider the more scientific approach that will pay for itself in just one single incident.

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