Diffusion Furnace Quartz

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Diffusion Furnaces

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Our quartz shop specializes in manufacturing, repair, and modification of semi grade quartz parts used in Diffusion Furnace tools and other FAB process equipment. Our quartz shop is run by seasoned craftsmen that understand the the purity and tolerance requirements of the semiconductor fabrication industry.

Capabilities include machining, grinding, polishing, fusing and glass blowing. Me make quartz parts for all leading diffusion furnace OEMs including TEL, Kokusai, ASM, MRL, Thermco, BTU and others.
We have CAD services for modifying parts, creating new parts, and reverse engineering. We can build or repair any diffusion furnace part by having a sample or by drawing.
We have a huge inventory of Diffusion Furnace Quartz and Carbide parts on hand
Quartz and Carbide Furnace Parts

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