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Where there are semiconductor diffusion furnaces, there are consumable chamber parts. These critical parts are made from quartz, silicon carbide, polysilicon, and other expensive semiconductor materials.

Among these chamber parts are quartz tubes, liners, pedestals, sheaths, injectors, boats, spacers, and more. Such parts are intricate, expensive, and unfortunately easily broken. For this reason, every FAB needs a safe environmentally controlled quartzware storage stocker.
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As luck would have it, we have an inventory of pre-owned semiconductor furnace tube stockers on hand. Some systems are made specifically for furnace quartz, while others are more generic in design. The used quartzware cabinets were manufactured by a well known OEM. They are clean and in great condition.

These furnace tube stockers combine a carrousel tube storage cabinet with sliding drawers. The cabinets and drawers have air tight seals. Although these systems are designed for 200mm vertical furnace parts, they can be used for most semiconfductor related quartz part storage.
PreOwned N2 Cabinets while they last!
Quartzware Stockers are 48" X 48" X 107" Tall. Tubes and liners in stored on a carrousel cabinet while smaller pieces are set in N2 purged drawers.
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